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XCom 2 Is Free To Play For 5 Days Along With Three Great Titles, Tons of DLCs And Demos | Free Games on Steam This Weekend

XCom 2

Did You want to buy XCom 2 and could not because of no money? XCom 2 is now free to play along with many free to play games this weekend.

Steam Stay Home initiative is proving to be the best one so far. The company is providing tons of free to play games every weekend along with huge discounts on them.

XCom 2 is one of the many free to play and free to keep games available on Steam Store right now. Not only the games are on the list. Steam has also included tons of DLCs and game Demos out of which many are free to play and some are free to keep.

Free To Play Games This Weekend on Steam

XCom 2

This Critically acclaimed game does not need any introduction but for those who do not know about it, this game is an epic mixture of story, cinematics, and strategy.

The game actually is a sequel of the original XCom where the story continues. To not give you a spoiler, a short description of this game would be a world (Earth) invaded by Aliens, and your task as a military officer is to get rid of them.

The game is free to play for 5 days and if you like it you can buy it at a 75% discount on steam.

Post Scriptum

Go in the past and have the best WWII experience. This first-person shooter game will make you witness the most horrifying War of our history. The game is focused on the historical accuracy, large battle.

Project Winter

This 8 people multiplayer game is a great title to play with your friends. Social distancing is fine but, think about calling all your buddies and playing a survival game that requires total synchronization and teamwork. There is also a chance to backstab your friends in the game which makes it a perfect fun. You need to try this game!.

The game is free to play for the next two more days but you can also buy this game if you like it as it has a huge 65% discount which will last a few more days.


If you are a Shelter series fan, you must try out this game. The graphics are weird but nice at the same time. The game has more than 4000 positive reviews on steam which is another reason to give it a try.

This game is also free to play for the next two days, however, you can buy it at a discount if you wish to claim it forever. This one is already very cheap, but 75% off brings it to the minimum price.

Free To Keep Games On Steam

  • Polyball
  • Drop
  • Red Gate
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition

DLCs on Steam (Free To Play- ends in 9 days)

Free To Play DLCs on Steam

DLCs on Steam (Free To Keep- ends in 7 months)

Demos on Steam (Free To Play- Ends in 7 Days)

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