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Xbox Series X VS PS5 | Xbox Series X Overview

PS5 VS Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X VS PS5 | Credits: Microsoft & ZONEofTECH

Here is the most awaited Xbox Series X VS PS5 comparison. Microsoft announced its latest gaming console last week. This console comes under the same project scarlet that was declared at E3 earlier this year. A lot of speculations were there about the release date and the specs of the console. Sony also revealed the specs of its next gen console earlier this year.


PS5 |Image Credit- ZONEofTECH
Xbox Series X | Image Credit- Microsoft

PS5 VS Xbox Series X Overview:

The cabinet of the new Xbox console looks very much like a PC. Many people on the internet are spreading these rumors that Microsoft is starting selling PCs, but that is not the case. May be Microsoft wanted to try something new for their latest console.

We liked the way they made it. With the sleek design and no extra decorations, Microsoft made it a simple yet elegant machine. On the top, it has a vent with powerful cooling solution and RGB which will maintain the temperatures much better than the current-gen consoles.

Xbox Series X VS PS5 Controller:

Microsoft also revealed the latest controller for the new series X console. You might not find much of a difference in the current-gen and the new controller.

The design is almost the same with some minimal changes on the body of the controller and you can also see a hybrid d-pad which is fairly battery than in the current-gen controller. On the other hand, PS5 made a fancy gamepad with a small built-in screen and haptic feedback option. Now you will be able to feel various effects of muds, fights, shots on you However, we still don’t know how the next GEN console by Sony will look like.

PS5 VS Series X Specifications:

Talking about the spec, we do not know exactly which CPU or GPU is present in Xbox. However, we do know that PS5 will have an AMD7nm Zen 2 CPU based on Ryzen with the power of 8x cores and AMD’ NAVI GPUs with Ray tracing technology. PS5 will also have a variable refresh rate which will go up to 120Hz.

The console will also have an NVMe SSD which will not only increase the game loading time but will also provide an FPS boost in many games. Sony has revealed that it is using PCIe 4.0 for the SSD slot. On the other hand, it is not confirmed whether Microsoft is on the same page in terms of specs or not. Microsoft said that Xbox Series X will be its most powerful console.

So this is clear that Xbox Series X will not lack behind in any way. We can also expect some surprises in case of specs from Microsoft that may make it the most powerful console among all.


Both Microsoft and Sony have revealed a few of their upcoming games on the new-gen consoles. PS5’s exclusive GodFall and Xbox’s Sanua’s Saga: Hell Blade 2 are the two them premiered in the games award 2019. Our favorite was the one from Xbox series X.

Its graphics were outstanding. It was so hard to recognize whether its a movie or a game trailer. Xbox series X will be the most powerful console as its game trailer shows what the machine is capable of.

Xbox head, “Phil Spencer” confirmed that the game trailer was rendered directly from the device which makes it clear that this beast supports 8K gaming with a full 4k support.

Seems like you will be able to insert 4k Blu-ray disks in both the consoles to play your favorite titles.

Are you excited about the next-gen gaming consoles? Please let us know which one you are waiting for the most. 🙂

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