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Xbox Series X Full Specs Revealed Including Hardware & SSD Hands-On By Digital Foundry

Xbox Series X Full Specs

Xbox Series X Hardware Revealed. Credit: Digital Foundry & Microsoft

Xbox Series X Full Specs
Xbox Series X Full Specs Revealed Including Hardware
Credit: Digital Foundry & Microsoft

Xbox Series X full specifications are finally revealed. Tomorrow and the day after (17th & 18th March) we were about to see the live stream by Xbox Team in which they would give some important keynotes about the Xbox Series X and Project xCloud, but it seems that we already know what Microsoft wanted to disclose about the Xbox Series X.

Bellevue, WA based Digital Foundry revealed the full Specs of Xbox Series X today. Not only this, but they also gave a hands-on look of the Xbox Series X hardware inside including with the external hard drive we will be putting in the next-gen console to install those extra games we want.

Xbox Series X Full Specifications

Xbox Series X CPU

No hiding from the full specs anymore. Xbox Series X will have an 8 core 16 threads CPU based on AMD’s custom Zen 2 Core design. The 7 nm processor will run at a base clock speed of 3.6 GHz and will boost at 3.8 GHz.

Xbox Series X GPU

Additionally, the GPU will have 52 CUs running at 1.825GHz. The RDNA 2 technology is implemented by AMD so you do not need to worry about the Ray-tracing.

Digital Foundry also revealed that Gears 5 (without any optimization done yet) runs at 4k with ray-tracing on provides stunning 60 FPS.

By the time the console will be released this performance will be even more boosted as the game will be then well optimized for Xbox Series X.

The 12 Tflops story we already know so we can expect literally double power from Xbox Series X compared to the Xbox One X.

How much RAM Xbox Series X will have?

It is confirmed that the console will have 16GB GDDR6 RAM. However, 2.5GB out of this will be reserved for the operating system. From the Left 13.5GB- 10GB GPU will use and 3.5GB will be for standard usage. It is just a perfect spec we can expect from a gaming console, considering that the consoles do not cost more than $599.

Xbox Series X Storage Size

The console will have 1TB NVMe SSD which will load your games super fast. Today Xbox teased the power of its SSD by giving a load time demo of State of Decay 2. It was Xbox One X VS Xbox Series X Load time Demo. Guess what? Xbox Series X won by a massive 46 seconds.
State Of Decay Game Load Xbox One X VS Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X Optical Drive

It is also confirmed that this next-gen gaming console will have a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical drive. However, 8K gaming will also be enabled on the console which is not disclosed yet how it will be possible.

It is clear that Microsoft is very confident about the specs of its console and Sony’s PS5 specs do not matter to them at all. Seems that just like Xbox One X, Microsoft will again beat Sony in case of specs and game quality.

Now the turn is on Sony’s side to prove and reassure the customers who are already preparing their mind and account balance for Series X.

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