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Why Bloggers are Spreading Fake News Against Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X backside image

Xbox Series X | Image credit: Microsoft

Xbox Series X backside image
Xbox Series X | Image credit: Microsoft

Xbox Series X and PS5 are going to launch on holidays 2020. Both the next-gen consoles in news and fans are excited to know what features and specs their favorite upcoming console will have.

Xbox Series X had its specifications revealed a few weeks ago, on the other hand, Sony is keeping a long silence and not ready to disclose much about the PS5.

Still, some basic specifications of both the consoles are almost confirmed, and there is absolutely no confusion about the CPU and GPU used for both the gaming consoles. But still, there are some people that are trying to spread unnecessary rumors and but fake theories to put down Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Being Defamed by Some Bloggers

In a recent article, a famous blog said that Xbox Series X CPU is equaled to a Ryzen 5 1600/1600 AF. And the title of the article was such a clickbait to get the attention of the readers.

The blogger further continues that one of the other blogs did an analysis based on the benchmarks that it got from websites like, etc. and figured out that Xbox Series X CPU will perform equals to Ryzen 5 1600/1600 AF.

It is important to notice that he did not write anything about PS5 here, the truth is that a few weeks ago it turned out that both PS5 and Xbox Series X will have very similar 8 cores zen 2 CPUs by AMD.

Many leaks suggest that Xbox Series X will be more powerful than the PS5 in terms of processors, while as per other leaks PS5 might have a little advantage on the GPU side.

However, this is sure that both the consoles will have 8K gaming experience at 30 FPS and a true 4k at 60 FPS or more.

PS5 teased it will have ray-tracing using the RDNA technology and Microsoft also confirmed that ray-tracing is an important aspect of 2020 gaming and they will also include it in the Series X console.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600/ 1600 AF is a 6 core CPU and it cannot compete with Xbox Series X’s custom made 8 core CPU. Some might argue that the 8 core CPU has a bit lower clock speed of up to 3.5 GHz, but we would like to tell you that consoles are much better than computers when it comes to utilizing cores.

We know many games today like high clock speed and can go fine with the lower core counts but time is changing. The latest titles are showing that more core counts are important.

The latest games are utilizing more cores and you will see more FPS when you have an 8 core CPU rather than on 6 cores even if the core count of that 6 core CPU is higher.

A bit lower clock speed would not let the 8 core CPU down in any sense. Another thing to understand is that consoles are fine-tuned much better than computers by the game developers.

These machines are made for gaming so if you will compare a 6 core computer CPU with an 8 core console CPU with more or less the same clock speed, it will leave the 6 core processor far behind in terms of gaming performance, resolution and FPS count.

The biggest thing we noticed is that many bloggers are using that one statement of Phil Spencer against Xbox Series X.

Yes, it is true that he said Sony is not a competition and their focus is not consoles but cloud gaming. But he also clarified that he did not mean that Xbox consoles will discontinue or will not compete with other gaming consoles.

It is true that PlayStation consoles have been getting much more attention than the Xbox due to its Exclusive games but this will also not be a reality for long. Sony has finally realized that cloud gaming is changing things and if they want to survive, they will need to be more open.

Rumors suggest that Sony will be making its PlayStation Exclusive games available for other platforms like Xbox, Switch and PC in the upcoming two years.

If we want to talk purely about the consoles then we have another example of Xbox’s huge improvement and steps it took to beat Playstation consoles.

The specs and performance of Xbox One X proved that Microsoft can make a better and more powerful machine than Sony’s PS4 Pro.

Another program called Xbox Game Pass by Microsoft added millions of consoles on their sales bench as well as it brought many PC gamers to Xbox Game Pass Bets (for PC) who subscribed to the monthly plans offered in the game pass to play Xbox exclusives like Gears and Halo franchise and some AAA titles like Metro Exodus, Wolfenstein 2, Blair witch, The Outer Worlds, etc.

Another big example is Microsoft’s upcoming cloud gaming service xCloud Streaming. It is under beta testing right now and millions of players are signing up to get hands-on it for free.

It has more than 60 games right now and Microsoft is adding more every day. Almost all the titles are AAA. Some of them are (including the ones mentioned above) Hitman, Ark Survival, Forza Horizon 4, Moto GP 2019, etc.

In simple words, before launching Xbox Series X, Microsoft is making ground to grab maximum consumers towards its PC or console platform. We know that Sony has too many PlayStation Fans by the end of 2018 but then things started taking U-turn.

We are not saying Sony lost the competition. Sony has PlayStation Now as its cloud gaming service which is already existing for years.

It has more than 700 PS4, PS3 and PS2 games having more than 300 titles for PS4 itself. The service is available for both console and PC and Sony is planning to bring it to android and Ios devices soon.

They also allow downloading PS4 and PS2 games on the console to play offline. The competition is tough between the two companies. We still do not know what will be the response of consumers when both Xbox Series X and PS5 are officially launched.

We just want to convey a message to the gaming community especially to the bloggers. We understand everyone is free to express own opinions about a product and speculate about its fate. But just to gain some views, we should not defame a brand, company or a product which did not eve launch yet nor anyone knows anything about its performance.

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