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We Know Why Sony Is Not Attending E3 2020 | Sony to Ditch E3 2020

E3 2020

Until 2019, Sony was known to unveil Playstation Exclusive games on E3 along with the announcements about its next-gen consoles and plans. In 2019 Sony did not reveal any details about PS5 at E3 due to which many PlayStation fans were badly hurt.


E3 2020 is about pending this summer and Sony again has announced that it will not be taking part in the biggest event of the gaming industry. Why Sony is so adamant on E3? When asked, Sony replied that E3 is not the right venue for the current visions and projects of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The company also said that they anyway will be appearing in various other events to unveil its games and other products. We have many Playstation Exclusive games to be launched this year, says the Sony spokesperson in an interview.

He further added that Sony is focused on its PS4 and PS5 upcoming games and the company will make sure to announce their products in various other events.

Why is Sony not coming to E3?

Sony is not the only one having a problem with E3, EA is also not that happy about the way E3 event is planned. Some of the companies like Sony and EA want E3 to be a celebration event for the gaming fans rather than a consumer show.

We understand that Sony does not want to disappoint the fans again as they did in 2019. However, we think that Sony could keep a surprise for every year in order to dominate the event.

It seems that both Sony and EA want to create their own community, own ecosystem and events. This may excite their current fans but it will not bring new customers to Sony. It is very important to take part in a competitive event.

Sony already failed badly at CES 2020 as it did not reveal the PS5 console design but only the logo. This way Sony will kill the attention of overall consumers and only Playstation fans will follow the news. E3 is the biggest event in the gaming industry.

How E3 can be a great platform for Console Comapnies

It can be a great ring for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to compete and show who is the best. One platform where consumers can watch offerings and gadgets of all the brands and decide what they want to buy.

The way Samsung and other big smartphone companies take part in MWC and launch their latest smart-phones is just overwhelming for customers.

Samsung’s Flagship S lineup smartphones are unveiled at MWC and now Oneplus, LG, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and many more companies take part in MWC to show their test and greatest innovations and techs.

E3 also could be a Wrestlemania of consoles, gadgets, and games. Either Sony does not like healthy competitions or the company is trying to build some kind of Apple type eco-system that is exclusive to its fans.

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