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Massive Discount on Steam (Up to 90%) Here Are All The AAA Games

Steam Sale

Steam is known for heavy discounts and deals, but mostly they come on some occasions like Black Friday, Winter & Summer Holidays, etc. However, due to the huge lockdown, the company is trying to convince many game publishers/developers to provide massive deals on their games.

Steam Games discounts

As its Stay at Home initiative, Steam is trying to do a great job to bring your favorite games to your desk either in free weekend deals or for huge discounts.

Recently Steam has noticed a spike in its active users at a time on the platform. To encourage the consumers to stay at home, Steam now is trying to talk to many game developers/publishers and asking them to take part in this good cause so that maximum people stay at home.

it seems that the game developers are really understanding this and are coming up with a lot of good ideas and offers.

We decided to bring you a list of the most popular games available on a discount on the Steam Store. Just click on the discount link on each game and you will land on the Steam game page. Purchase the game and enjoy 🙂

Rise of The Tomb Raider (-70%)

Shadow of The Tomb Raider (-82%)

Arma 3 (-70%)

The Witcher 3 (-70%)

Metro Exodus (-50%)

Metro Exodus Gold Edition (-55%)

Metro 2033 Redux (-75%)

Metro Last Light Redux (-75%)

Resident Evil 2 (-50%)

Dying Light Enhanced Edition (-70%)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 (-75%)

American Truck Simulator (-75%)

Bright Memory (-50%)

Rocket League (-55%)

Cities: Skylines (-80%)

Just Cause 3 (-85%)

Just Cause 4 (-78% to 84%)

Hearts of Iron IV (-60%)

F1 2019 (-70%)

Dying Light (-66%)

Dirt Rally 2.0 (-60%)

Surviving Mars (-66%)

Hellblade: Sanua’s Sacrifice (-66%)

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