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Steam Free Weekend F1 2019, Mafia 3, And 5 More Free To Play Games This Weekend

Steam Free Weekend Games

Steam Free Weekend games are here and Mafia 3, F1 2019 along with 5 more horrors, RPG multiplayer, and other games are free to play this weekend.

Steam is again on fire, they recently added some great free to play games for this weekend and almost all of them are worth trying.

Steam Free to Play Games This Weekend

Mafia 3

Credit: Mafia Games

The game is one of the best alternatives to GTA V. If you always wanted this game and were not buying due to its low Steam ratings, give it a try.

F1 2019

This game does not need any introduction, most of us have played an F1 game at some point in time. If you want to have a realistic F1 experience, this game is a must-try.

Generation Zero

This game is a horror/ RPG shooter that comes with nice graphics details, and great gameplay. Horror is a popular genre in these lockdown days, it is a nice chance to have a hands-on horror game without paying a penny


This is one of the biggest games you could expect on the free weekend list. This multiplayer FPS game is not an ordinary PUBG or CSGO style. It is more of a military simulator that has proper tutorials put by the developers so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest. FPS lovers must try this extraordinary creation by the developers.

Secret Neighbor

This online multiplayer horror game is one of the best games to play with your family and friends. Bunch of players are supported to find a missing guy in neighbor’s basement and guess what? One of the players is the neighbor who is playing against everyone

There are two more free games that you might want to download and try for free.

Skybolt Zack
3030 Deathwar Redux- A Space Odyssey

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