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Sony Revealed Two PS5 Models| Everything You Need To Know About Yesterday’s Sony Event

PS5 Reveal

Sony revealed the design of PS5 yesterday, and surprisingly, the console has two models. One will be standard PS5 and another one will be a bit Cheaper Digital version without a DVD drive.

Yesterday’s PS5 event was very much going in the direction of what we saw during the Series X Games Reveal event. Most of the show looked like a cartoon show for kids having totally cartoonish games with some of the exciting titles shown in between like Spider-man, Stray, Returnal, Grand Tourismo 7, Ratchet & Clank.

This show from excitement was turning into the disappointment until Shushei Yoshida appeared on the screen. The show turned upside down. Great games one after another started poping up. Demon’s Soul, Resident Evil 8, Horizon: Forbidden West, Pragmata, Hitman 3

And then they revealed the PS5 console along with a digital model of it, 3D headset, dual dense controller, and a PS5 camera. The whole show turned from a boring cartoon series to a balanced, worth watching Game Event.

There are a lot of opinions about how the console looks like. Some say it looks ugly, some like it, and to others, looks don’t matter if the company focuses on good games. We leave that decision on you.

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