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[Solution] COD Warzone Download Speed Very Slow? We have a Legit Solution!

COD Warzone Download issue

Call of Duty Warzone download problem is all over the internet. COD Warzone download speed is terribly slow in many regions. If yours is one of them, here is how to speed up COD download.

Call of Duty Warzone Download slow

If you are trying to download Call of Duty Warzone and after clicking on the download button for a few minutes its downloading fine and then either the download is getting stuck or the speed is getting terribly slow.

There are tons of such complaints on Reddit and hardly anyone could find a legit solution to it. We tried to download the game in multiple computers to try to find out what can be the best solution that will work for most of the people.

And guess what? If you download it the way we say, your game will download as fast as your internet can afford to be (at least it worked for us for the majority of computers).

Before we come to the solution, it is important to take care of a few things.

  • Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers
  • Make sure you have more than 85GB free on the disk you chose to download the game in
  • Try to use a wired LAN connection if possible (Wifi is also fine)

The graphics driver might not matter for the download, take it as just a heads up so that you won’t face issues later while playing the game. We received an error for the graphics drivers after the game was downloaded.

COD Warzone downloading too slow | SOLUTION |

There is a very simple solution that worked for most of our computers. When you click on the download button, you might get a pop-up- message whether you want to use browser acceleration or optimization when possible. Just keep it on.

Another important thing here is to keep on browsing the internet on your chrome browser or whichever browser set as default on your PC.

It is very very important to keep on browsing the internet through that browser. Put a long Youtube video in the background and keep browsing the internet.

You just need to keep clicking the links without letting the browser stop loading a page.

Why COD Warzone downloading so slow

It looks like the launcher that downloads the game, uses your default browser to download the game.

If your browser is idle and is not using the internet to download or process any page, the game download speed either will fall drastically or will freeze.

If this doesn’t work for you then try to close and restart the launcher or you can also pause and resume the download.

We suggest combining this with constantly browsing the internet on your default browser.

If it worked for you, please leave a comment so that others will be motivated to test this solution.

If you had this issue in the past Also, share the link to this article with everyone you can so that all can get rid of this long waiting time. Do not just tell them the solution as it will not help us in any way. Care about our work too 🙂

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