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Samsung Galaxy S20 Price Leaked For Most of The Countries | Galaxy S20+ Price and Specifications

Samsunng galaxy S20

Credit: WinFuture & Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price for the UK and South Korea was leaked recently but now a new price leak for the US has appeared on Twitter. It seems that Samsung is trying to reveal prices one by one for some of the important countries to gain more and more popularity and sell maximum units.

Yesterday the UK price for Samsung Galaxy S20 Series was revealed. S20 is rumored to price at £800 for the 4G version and £875 for the 5G variant. S20 plus might cost you £1000 for the 4G variant and £1075 for the 5G one. As for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, 5G will be standard in it and is expected to retail at £1145.

On the other hand, recent leaks of the USA suggest the price of Samsung S20 at $999 for the standard one which will go all the way up to $1399 for the S20 Ultra. However, these US prices are only for the 4G variants and prices of 5G are yet to be determined.

Here is the full bifurcation of the prices twitted by Jon Prosser:

Credit: Jon Prosser /

If the claims of Jon Prosser are correct, we will need to pay a bit more for the 5G models of Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20+. Some might think that it is unfair to pay more for the 5G bands as it is not the newest technology in the US anymore. We also saw Samsung Galaxy S10 phones last year with 5G, but it is not the case.

5G phones are still a bit more expensive because indeed the technology is not too old yet. 5G modems still cost much more than 4G ones and this is the reason companies might charge some extra bucks for 5G variants.

We believe that in upcoming years, 4G will vanish and prices of 5G will soon match up with LTE. It is also important to notice that at the moment the US is not able to catch up with 5G as quickly as it could having Huawei in.

We hope to see 5G working in the whole country soon.

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