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Resident Evil 3 Demo Is Not For All Regions, But Here is How You Can Get It In Your Country

Resident Evil 3 demo
Resident Evil 3 Demo
Resident Evil 3 Demo download

Resident Evil 3 Demo is up for a few regions only and many do not know how to download it. Here is how you can download the demo and play on your PS4. It is very hard to find which store has it and which not as in many regions it is downloadable but not visible in the Playstation store.

We have a GDC surprise just after the official announcement of the specs of PS5. Resident Evil 3 is coming in April and to please the audience with short gameplay, developers have released the demo for the game.

The problem is it is available only for a few regions for now. Actually that is not true. There is a cache. It is available for all the regions but you are not able to see or search for the demo. It seems that either there is a glitch or they intended to do so to keep it available for a few regions only.

However, we found a solution that will surely let you download the demo in your country.

How to Download Resident Evil 3 Demo In Any Region?

Download RE 3 on PS4 through PC

The demo is surely available in this regional store. When you click on this link you will be redirected to the New Zealand store with Resident Evil 3 demo page.

If you are already logged in and your PSN account is not from this region, a pop-up will appear on your screen saying- “Your account information does not match with this location” Below this message, there will be an option to jump to your own local store.

Resident Evil 3 Demo Download

Click on that option and the same page with Resident Evil 3 will open for your store. If you are not logged-in when you reach the demo page, you will anyway need to login and the same pop-up will appear after the login if your PSN account is not from NZ.

Download Resident Evil 3 Demo on PS4

If you are not from NZ, go to the PlayStation Store–>Demo and try to find the game on the list by sorting the list to the newest first. You can also try to search for the title- Resident Evil 3.

If this doesn’t work, you can scroll the PlayStation Store page Menu to the bottom and change your location to NZ and you should now be able to find the game in the demo option.

If this also did not work for you then simply create a new PSN account on your PS4 or PC with NZ as your country. You can use the online address generator to put the address.

Now go to the Playstation Store on your PS4 and try to find the demo or simply follow the first “PC Method” mentioned above.

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