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PS5 Will Have Demos For All The Games, Will That Bring Xbox Series X Down? | PS5 VS Xbox Series X

PS5 Games Demo

Sony announced that all the PS5 games will have a demo which is great news for PS5 fans. But does this give PS5 an Advantage over Xbox Series X?

PS5 Games Demo

Days is coming near for the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X and both the companies are putting full efforts to bring more customers to their platform.

So far PS5 was losing the battle as Xbox Series X came out as a more powerful console because of the higher overall specs.

Sony officials also informed in a live stream event held a few weeks ago, that PS5’s processor’s clock speed will go down in few more demanding games to avoid thermal throttling.

Now Sony did not have too much to defend else than its Playstation Exclusive titles which would bring some to the platform.

Recently a rumor appeared on twitter that says that PS5’s new interface will allow you to stream-play demos of all the PS5 games instantly, without having need of downloading it. If the rumor is to be true, it is great news for Sony fans. However, we should also not be too much excited because of these two reasons-

1. It is just a rumor and it could also be someone’s trick to create hype about PS5

2. Even if the rumor is true, we do not how long these demos would be. We should understand one thing, many developers might not agree to give a free demo of their game and if sony does this on their own behalf, the demo might be super small.

In this case, it will be better to watch the gameplay on youtube if you want to buy a game than playing a super small demo which won’t give enough idea, how the game is.

Hence, we think even if the rumor is true, still Xbox Series X has no disadvantage, the biggest reason is the machine’s power which does not need any introduction.

There are people who already made their mind to buy Xbox Series X after getting to know the poorer specs of PS5 in comparison to Xbox Series X.

xCloud and Game Pass will be joined and being an Xbox Console owner, you will not need to look for demos as most of the Xbox Games will be available free to play on using Game Pass Subscription.

Game Pass offers many latest games and many on the first day of the launch on the platform. Phill Spenser- Ceo of Xbox has also confirmed several times that the team is focused on providing the latest titles on the xCloud platform from day 1 which will be a lottery for the subscribers.

Yes, if PS5 will also join the PS Now and PS Plus service and start adding the latest titles on the platform from day 1 launch, it can give a competition to Xbox Series X.

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