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PS5 Price Might Break Your Heart | Sony Not Ready To Reveal PS5 Price Any Soon

PS5 Deep Dive

PS5 | Photo Credit: ZONEofTECH

Today PS5 got its landing page on the Playstation website. Sony’s chief financial officer- Hiroki Totoki said in a financial conference of Sony, that deciding the price of PS5 is very difficult. PS5 price is very hard to decide as we want to keep a balanced price and since it is a balanced act, it’s very difficult to say anything concrete at this point of time says Hiroki Totoki.

PS5 price
Image Credit: PlayStation UK Website

Microsoft has already unveiled the looks of Xbox Series X and confirmed some games like Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. On the other hand, Sony has not revealed anything strong yet to keep the excitement of the fans on PS5.

It seems like Sony is trying to behave like a VIP who comes after all the guests in any event and makes everyone wait. Yes, it might be that those VIPs get a lot of attention but often they get criticized for making people wait uselessly.

We all know that Playstation has many more fans compared to Microsoft’s Xbox but the huge delay in unveiling their console can actually fire back on Sony. Many fans are irritated and moving towards Xbox Series X than Sony. The more when Xbox already doubled its game pass players due to its 3 months free trial of Game Pass Ultimate.

Sony seems to be waiting for Xbox to reveal its price first so that they can have room to compete with them. Microsoft anyway is not going to focus on consoles as it is more committed to cloud gaming. Microsoft is smartly trying to increase its userbase for the Game Pass and after the launch of their cloud gaming service- xcloud streaming, the number may increase by 100%.

Once people will get used to Xbox services in any sense, it might be that they would prefer to have an Xbox console than PS5. This is why it is very important for Sony to start revealing some important details for PS5.

We know both the consoles will give a neck to neck performance but seeing the current situation, it looks like Sony is going to lose a lot of its potential buyers.

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