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PS5 Lost Against Xbox Series X, But Here Is A Catch | PS5 VS Xbox Series X

PS5 VS Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X VS PS5 | Credits: Microsoft & ZONEofTECH

Did PS5 Lose From Xbox Series X? It is a real PS5 VS Xbox Series X battle. Yesterday, on 18th March 2020 PS5 revealed its specifications in a live stream made by Sony. Company’s chief architect Mark Cerny revealed PS5 full specs. Due to COV-19 the planned event at GDC was canceled resulting in which the console giant decided on this live stream.

PS5 VS Xbox Series X

Before we dive deep into the PS5 specs there are few things you should know about the Xbox Series X announcements so far. If you know already everything about the Xbox Series X, you can skip this and scroll down.

So a few days ago, Microsoft revealed almost everything about the Xbox Series X and the whole information is too long yet very impressive to put in few words. So find it here in our Xbox Exclusive story.

Let’s focus on the core specs of Xbox Series X. This next-gen console will have all the specs almost identical to PS5, but with some very important advantages over PS5.

Xbox Series X Core Specs

Xbox Series X will have an AMD custom chipset having 8 cores 16 threads (Zen 2 Cores) with a base clock speed of 3.5GHz and it will boost at 3.8GHz.

The GPU is a total beast. This AMD customized GPU uses RDNA 2 technology and has 52 CUs running at 1.825GHz. This enables 4K ray-tracing with solid and stable 60 plus FPS.

This whole power makes 12 Teraflops performance for Xbox Series X.

16GB RAM, 1 TB SSD is the only thing to add which will not play a huge role in our analysis.

Now let’s jump on the main topic of PS5 specs and how it lost from Xbox Series X.

PS5 Full Specs


It will also have a similar AMD custom chipset with 8 Zen 2 cores and 16 threads, but the clock speed of PS5 will be limited to 3.5GHz.


The GPU of PS5 will also use RDNA 2 technology having 36 CUs running at 2.23GHz. Yes, this is true that Sony tried to cover up the low 36 CUs by saying that these 36 RDNA 2 CUs are equals to 52 PS4 CUs.

However, if we are comparing PS5 with Xbox Series X, then we should know that there are no spec manipulations on the Microsofts side.

The Xbox Series X will have 52 RDNA 2 CUs which is a clear win for Microsoft.

Now you must be thinking that Sony’s GPU will have higher clock speed but it will not matter too much if the number of CUs is this low, compared to the Xbox Series X.

Mark Cerny also informed in the live stream yesterday that this clock speed of both CPU and GPU are not stable, they will decrease sometimes (for some titles) to keep a balance of temperature and power of the console.


Now, RAM is also another thing to consider. Cerny said that the console will use most of its 16GB RAM while you are gaming.

Whereas, Xbox Series X has distributed the RAM into three parts leaving 10GB RAM used by the GPU while you are playing the game.

We do not know if this will impact gaming performance in terms of FPS or graphics quality, but from our experience, we do know that many GPUs like AMD’s RX 580, RX 590, etc comes with both 4GB and 8GB RAM variants, and they do not put a huge impact on the game graphics or FPS count with that extra 4GB versions.

The reason behind this is that these GPUs do not have extra CU counts or boosted clock speeds.

Only RAM is increased on them, and the reality is that even the most graphic hungry game does not use more than 10GB of GPU RAM.


The only good thing from PS5’s whole boring live stream we got was the information about SSD.

It was indeed too complicated for a normal person to understand, but the long story short is- PS5 will have a considerably fast SSD than Xbox Series X’s.

Xbox Series X will have 1TB SSD with a raw speed of 2.4GB/s and a compressed speed of 4.8GB/s. On the other hand, PS5 will have 5.5GB/s (raw) and 8-9GB/s (compressed).

Will the faster PS5 SSD improve gameplay Performance?

Well, not really. Yes, this fast SSD will be useful for many other things, like game loading time, downloading a game at light speed (depending on your internet) or maybe you will be able to download and install multiple games at once.

But, does that mean Xbox won’t be able to do that? Of course, it will be able to. A standard SATA III SSD is capable of providing 550MB/s speed and a faster M.2 goes up to 2-4GB/s (depends on the brand).

Xbox Series X above-average SSD and if a company is giving you a high GPU and CPU power, SSD is something we should not worry about.

We already saw how fast a game loads on the Xbox Series X and how flawlessly you can jump from one game to another without any loading time.

It is also important to notice that these next-gen Consoles are very well optimized for good loading time. At the end of the day what will matter the most is gaming performance.

It is true that both the consoles have full ray-tracing enabled, but we are very much sure that Xbox Series X will undoubtedly win on performance benchmarks, graphics quality, and FPS count because of the more powerful CPU and GPU.

It is official that Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5

Then What’s that Catch?

We saw many people being disappointed with PS5 specs after yesterday’s live stream by Sony. However, many of us did not notice one thing.

Microsoft Unveiled Xbox Series X (Microsoft’s most powerful next-gen console) and Sony revealed the specs of PS5 (the base variant of Sony’s next-gen console).

We have to know that Xbox’s current-gen has two consoles- Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Xbox One X is more powerful than the Xbox One S. Similarly, Xbox Series X is the higher variant of the next-gen Xbox consoles.

We do not know yet if there will be any Xbox Series S, but following Microsoft’s logic and specific mentioning of the word “Series X” hints that there will be a “Series S” as well.

On the other hand, we have PS4 and PS4 Pro as the current-gen Sony consoles. PS4 Pro is much more powerful than the PS4 slim. Yesterday, Sony announced PS5, not PS5 Pro.

Comparing Xbox Series X to PS5 is not fair when there are huge chances that PS5 pro is still pending for the announcement just like the Xbox Series S.

It looks like Microsoft purposely came up with Xbox Series X first to give a tough competition to PS5 as it was obvious that Sony will not announce PS5 Pro before PS5.

Another Point to Consider

If our theory is correct, then surely there will be at least a 100 dollar difference in the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X which will make PS5 again a huge competitor in front of Xbox Series X.

Only time will tell which console will win the heart of gamers. If you liked our explanation, please share the link to this article with your family and friends.

Stay Safe and healthy from the Virus.

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