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PS Now May 2020 Games- Rainbow Six Siege, The Evil Within 2 And One More

Rainbow Six Siege

PS Now May 2020 Games are announced. Rainbow Six Siege, Evil Within 2, and one more game already added to the platform. Playstation Now May 2020 games were unexpected to be that good but it looks like Sony has decided to dominate the cloud gaming as well.

Sony is adding 3 new games on PS Now constantly and the same is continued this month too. The company announced Evil Within 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and Get even.

All the games are good, but Rainbow Six Siege and Evil Within 2 are the most famous AAA games added to the platform.

Get Even is also a nice game which is a mix of physiological thriller a puzzle and shooter. Below is the trailer of all games.

The Evil Within 2

Rainbow Six Siege

Get Even

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