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[Solution]Steam Family Sharing- Now Play Two Different Games On the Same Library Using This Trick

Steam Family View

COVID 19 has brought steam to a whole new hight. The portal is full of players right now. Family members like kids, wives, and almost everyone else is playing games today.
Resulting, many family members who own most of the games in one account library are not able to play two games using family sharing at the same time.

Steam Family View

How To Play Two Different Game On One Steam Library At The Same Time?

Let’s explain it better, Steam has an option called family sharing so that people in the same family will not need to buy the game twice, but this is firing back very badly.

Using the family sharing option you are able to give access to the games that are in your library to your friend or other members of the family on their respective Steam account, but if you want to play any game on steam during the time when your friend or family member is playing, you cannot play.

No matter you are trying to play the same game or any other game in the library.

Steam logic is that you can simply not play two games from the same library at once. No matter from one account or two different amounts using family sharing. the whole idea of family sharing drops here? Not exactly.

Actually, family sharing was made by Steam because of only one reason. To let two family members play the same games and have different game achievements. Thanks to family sharing, every steam account has its own playtime and game achievements in their respective account.

This is another story that family sharing is not serving any other purpose for the customers other than having own game achievements.

This is annoying for many and there is no solution to it. Now let’s talk about the current Issue with family sharing in-depth and what small solution we came up with that might work for you.


Your family or friend is playing a game (owned by your steam account) on their own account using family sharing and you want to play some other game at on your account (an account which owns the game your family member is playing).

You open the game and your family member will be kicked out of the game in 5 mins.

Now since you are playing, after getting kicked out to the steam store, your family member will not be able to start the game again, either they will need to wait until you play your game and the library is free to use or they will need to purchase a separate copy of the game.

This is obviously very frustrating. Some people purchase most of the games on one account because either they had one gaming PC in the beginning and they bought another one later on or they did not know how family sharing works.

Before we talk about the solution, the first rule is- parent account that owns both the games cannot play multiplayer games.


The simple solution to this could be offline mode. If the parent account that owns both the games goes on offline mode, the other player will not be kicked out of the game and both can play peacefully.

However, most of the games today do not run in offline mode. The offline mode of steam could be useful for very few and most probably only old games. Most of the game companies want data connection to be on when you launch a game to verify the game ownership with steam. This is to protect the game piracy.

So to bypass this, keep online mode on in both the accounts and let the family member open the game first on their account (an account that does not have the ownership of the game but is playing using family sharing). Now once the game is running on the family account, open a different game you want to play on your account.

Now, as you know after 5 mins your family member playing on another account will be thrown out of the game, you will need to force close the internet connection of your PC. You can do this by simply removing the ethernet cable and disconnecting the wifi.

Now you will be able to play your game but not on multiplayer mode. This way most of the games that have offline/local gameplay options can be played.

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