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Cars key fobs stopped working in Ohio | Aliens responsible or Science?

North Olmsted car key fob

Ohio mystery Car key fob

North Olmsted car key fob

Last week something and weird happened in a small town called North Olmsted located in Ohio. Everything was fine and normal until last week people started facing a problem with their car key fobs and garage doors. Both of the things stopped working. People were not able to open their cars or garages using the fobs button.

At first everyone thought its happening only to them so no one reacted. One of the lady in the town even changed the battery of her car’s key fob but still it didnt work. One two days passed and people started noticing that when they go out of the town to their office or to super market, the keys are working fine but not when they are in the town.

City officials ordered the telecommunication and electricity companies to send their team in the town and check if anything from their side is causing the jam of radio signals being transmitted. People from all the possible departments visited the place and checked the town but they didnt find anything causing this problem.

Soon the news started spreading and everyone knew that the problem is with everyone’s car standing in the town. People reported in media and informed the town council. There were many theories around and some started believing that either its some alien phenomenon or NASA is doing something with the radio signals for their secret projects.

NASA has a research center in the same area and this was making people doubt directly on the space agency. We all know NASA is famous for their secret space missions. Many also believe that NASA have contacts with many alien species and they are exchanging some technologies with them secretly.

After getting the investigation report from each department the city council found that it cant be a small device which is causing this issue. It must be a big machine or something that is blocking the radio signals.

But all this doubts that people had got cleared when the city council ordered for a door to door investigation after which officials checked in each house weather there is any utility which is causing this interference in the radio signals.

One residence was found in the same area who created a machine that was supposed to inform him if anyone comes upstairs in his house while he is working down stairs. He is electronics freak who didnt have any wrong intentions behind creating this device but he just wanted to monitor his house without having a CCTV camera. He thought about such a device that will transmit him signal when anyone is there in the house on the first floor.

The device was throwing out a signal of 315 MHz and the devices installed in cars and garage also operate on 315 MHz to 433 that is why it was jamming the radio signals installed in the car and garage radio devices.

Now the device is  taken from that resident and is disabled. Since the owner of the device did not have any wrong intentions and was unaware of the consequences of making this device, no fine or punishment is given to him. He also agreed to not make any such device in future.

Some people still say that it is a government cover up and the problem was caused by NASA and there is some secret research going on in the nearby NASA research center.


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