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Last Of Us 2 Has Gone Gold, It’s Coming Before The Release Date

Last of Us Pre order

Naughty Dog Naughty Dog – CEO said that the game has “Gone Gold” which means it is completed and ready to get published. This means that we can expect the game to release before the newly announced release date.

Last of Us Pre order

Naughty Dog’s Vice President- Neil Druckmann today announced through a video posted on social media, that the game has gone gold and is ready to be published on the Playstation Store.

First, the retail copies of the game will be prepared and the mass production will start. Once it reaches the retail stores, the game will be published digitally on the PlayStation store as well.

If you do not know, Last of US 2 gameplay was leaked a few days ago by hackers. It is very visible that the company has decided to release the game before the recently announced schedule because of the recent leak.

Another sign of this is on the tweet which has a video of Neil Druckmann. On the tweet, it is clearly written “Beware of the Spoiler replies”. The same was also confirmed by Neil on the video.

Whatever is the reason, it is very beneficial for the fans to have the game before time. Especially during the lock-down when everyone is bored of playing the same old games.

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