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How Life In Wuhan Looks Like During Coronavirus Outbreak

Wuhan Coronavirus

(Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Life in Wuhan looks terrible after the Coronavirus outbreak took place in the City. This is also the place from where the deadly virus originated. We know the whole of China is under huge health emergency because of the virus, but this city is suffering more than you can imagine.

Wuhan Coronavirus
(Photo by STR / AFP) / China OUT (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

Wuhan has a maximum number of Coronavirus cases in the country and hence, they are in a deep isolation mode. Officials have put the whole city in a mandatory home quarantine without specifying any dates of any relief. The situation was not any better before.

More than 11 million people of Wuhan were put on a self-quarantine since 23rd January. Till now one person from a family could go out every 3 days to buy food, grocery, etc. But from last week, full isolation has been imposed in the city by the Chinese Government.

It is impossible for them to put their feet out.

How Wuhan Citizens Are Buying Food?

After the inforced full-time isolation, citizens of Wuhan are full of anger, helplessness, towards the law and order as well as the poor or No facility they are getting by the government. They are not able to order basic things like pack of milk powder for their kids, tissue papers, proper food items, etc.

We know it is very tough for the government to handle everything in such a pressure, but assuring basic food should be as important as keeping the people in isolation for their good.

People of Wuhan are complaining that they do not have any facility from the government to order or get food. They are managing everything by themselves. People are ordering food from local stores and these shopping malls or big local stores are delivering food in bulk. If you want to order groceries or vegetables you will need to buy in bulk. This is also fine with people if they are not cheated on it.

Many are complaining that they are obliged to order a minimum of 6kg of vegetables, it is just said as vegetables, in these 6KG packs they often find only potatoes and baby Cabbage.

It gets even worse when we hear complaints like 3rd half of these vegetables are rotten and there are no quality controls to ensure shopkeepers are not cheating already troubled people.

People cannot send medicines to their elder parents who are above 80. What maximum they could do was to take out the frustration on social media which got restricted by the Chinese government.

You cannot complain about anything living in China (especially Wuhan). If you do, you are spreading rumors, creating panic and you can go to jail for defamation charges.

The Chinese government needs to know one thing that China is what it is today only because of the hard work of these people.

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