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Free Weekend Games On Xbox & Steam This Week WWE 2k20, Elder Scrolls Online, Etc.

WWE 2k20 free download

Free Weekend Games are on Steam and Xbox and you are going to have a great weekend it seems. Xbox announced WWE 2k20 and steam is also not behind with many exciting free to play games this week.

Free Weekend is getting popular, so far only Steam was the online going with this idea, but now it seems that due to the lockdown, other companies are also stepping forward to contribute to the gaming community.

Many developers are holding sales or giving away games on their respective stores and this weekend Xbox fans have good news.

Xbox has joined the free weekend games strategy. Following the footsteps of Steam, Xbox is also giving a few very exciting free to play games that will make your weekend less boring.

Xbox Free Weekend Games

WWE 2K20

WWE 2k20 free download

If you are a wrestling fan and wanted to play this game from long, the wait is over, get this game on your Xbox console free to play today and if you wish to buy it later, you also have amazing offers on the franchise.

Monster Energy Supercross 3

Monster Energy Supercross 3 free download

This game was just launched about a month ago and surprisingly Xbox is giving it for free to play this weekend. Drive your favorite bike and do a Supercross you like to.

The Elders Scroll Online (For Xbox & Steam)

The Elder Scrolls Online Free Download

This massive online multiplayer role-playing game is addictive for many. This game allows you to do almost everything to create your own style of play.

You will not find this all-in-one RPG anywhere that lets you fight, steal, explore the world, and to let you combine various equipment and abilities to create a certain type of gameplay you like.

Steam Free Weekend Games

The Elders Scroll Online

As mentioned above, this game is free to play this weekend on Steam as well, so get going to Steam if you do not own an Xbox.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 free download

Risk of Rain was one of the most popular classic games back in the days. Now, this new 3-dimensional version of the game with many changes, enhanced graphics, and a new multiplayer feature made it even better.

It is great that developers created a whole new game as per today’s standards following the original idea of the classic game.

We are not alone to praise this title. It has over 50,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam that proves this game is worth giving a try.


Unfortunately, Steam announced only two free weekend games so far, we will keep an eye on the store and will update if they add any new game to the list.

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