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Free To Play Steam Games This Weekend Are Insane, Fallout 76, Canon Exile And 7 More Amazing Titles

Fallout 76

Free To play games on steam this weekend are unexpectedly insane. We have 9 titles this weekend out of which some latest AAA titles and 2 free to keep games.

Let’s go straight to the topic. It looks like there is a Free Weekend war going on between GOG, Steam, and other gaming platforms. All are providing amazing titles every weekend, but steam broke the bones of everyone this week by giving 7 Free to play games and 2 free to keep games.

Free Weekend Steam Games 15 May 2020

Fallout 76

This game franchise does not need any introduction, but for those who do not know. It is a game based on the post-apocalyptic (After Nuclear attack) world. This game has many parts, but it is totally fine if you start from this one as you will get most of the things in the beginning only.

The game is free to play for the next two days and later you can buy it for a 25% discount.

Conan Exiles

This open-world sandbox game is set in the lands of Conan the Barbarian. This single and online multiplayer survival game gives you a lot to explore where you can build your home and kingdom and fight your online enemies. An epic game for those who love a mixture of Strategy, sandbox, and open world.


This is a great interstellar sandbox/strategy game where you have to chose what alien civilization you want to play. The whole game then is in your hands as you will be a commander of that species setting the priority for your civilization.

The Lego NinjaGo Movie Video Game

This game is free to keep not only on steam but also on PS4 and Xbox One. So if you are a console gamer, you can still play the game.

Showdown Bandit

Showdown Bandit

Another free to keep game which is more like a 2.5D. This horror game is very interesting yet scary. You play as an awakened Bandit in a puppet show where your only chance to survive is to play your part, guard your strings, and do not lookup.

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