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Earth Is Going to Enter A 30 Years of Mini Ice Age As Sun Is Going To Hyper Sleep Soon


Mini Ice Age, Wahe guru ji

Sun is going to Enter in what Scientists call, “Solar Minimum”. It is a state of a star when it goes to kind of a hypersleep, and radiates less energy. NASA scientists claim that 2020 will be the coldest year in the last 400 years as Sun will reach its minimum activity in the last few centuries.

Our Star Sun is our life and if Sun will stop radiating energy, we all will die in seconds.

This will not happen in a few billion years though. However, scientists claim that something on a much lighter scaler is going to happen in 2020 and may last till 30 years.

The so-called “Much Lighter Scale” is too much to call it lighter because the effects this hypersleep will leave on earth might be devastating. Let’s understand it in simple words so that we can know what it means to us.

What is Solar Minimum

Solar minimum is a period that comes every 11 years in Sun’s solar cycle. During this time the sunspots of our Sun decrease drastically causing the lower temperature on Earth.

But, scientists claim that we will see a Grand Solar Minimum this time starting in 2020. Grand Solar Minimum happens every 400 hundred years approximately. The last Grand Solar Minimum started in 1650 which lasted about 60 years.

During this time, Earth’s temperature went down drastically and we saw frosty lakes, water banks, and even sea to some extent in North America and Europe.

Food shortage, health issues, and many other basic survival problems were seen during the 17th-18th Century due to the Grand Solar Minimum. The same is about to repeat starting 2020. But, will it be that worse?

Scientists believe that global temperature will fall one-degree celsius. This might sound almost nothing for many but just to clarify, this one-degree fall in temperature will create huge problems globally as per scientists.

This is true that Earth is affected even if half a degree is increased or decreased globally for a long period of time. But, other scientists suggest that it will be a great opportunity for Earth to get recovered from global warming.

We may face a Mini Ice age but it will be very helpful for us in the long term seeing the pollution we are creating in the environment.

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