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Dell Alienware’s Handheld Gaming PC will beat Nintendo Switch

dell concept ufo

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Dell introduced its latest Handheld gaming PC. This Alienware’s Switch’s competitor is called Concept UFO. Yes, It is a concept device, and Dell is open to take feedback from the customers. Is it a windows gaming PC or a portable gaming console? Here is what Dell is planning to compete with Nintendo Switch.

Ces 2020 is going on, many companies are showcasing their latest or upcoming products, and prototypes. Dell is one of them too. There is no second thought that Dell seems to be serious about gaming in 2020.

After AMD announced the latest Dell G5 SE laptop with the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 Series APUs, the company came up with its best possible prototype of a handheld gaming device that looks like a portable gaming console but is actually a full-fledge Windows 10 gaming PC. Yes, you will be able to play AAA PC games on the go with this console looking PC.

Dell did not confirm its specifications yet since it is a prototype, they may change a few things in it by the time of launch. We saw it playing some latest AAA titles F1 2019, Rocket League, World Z, Mortal Kombat 11, etc.

Alienware claims that you will be able to play games better than a console-quality on this thing.

Concept UFO Features

It has 8 inch 1200p display which means you will be able to enjoy almost 4k gaming in this small package. The screen is connected with two controllers just like the Nintendo switch. You can also detach the controllers from the screen, and hook it to a bridge which will make it look more or less like an Xbox controller. Now you can put the screen on the table using its back stand, and play your favorite games with the wireless controller.

If this all looks like a dream for you, then we have something more. You can connect this device to an external monitor, keyboard, mouse as well, and use it as a normal windows PC or play games as you do at your home on your gaming PC.

Dell is now considering developing this device even better and will bring it to the market this year.

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