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Coronavirus Outbreak, Are the Governments at fault? | What We Should Do?

Coronavirus Government at fault

After the Coronavirus spread in Italy, and the strict lockdown in the country, many questions are being raised on how and why the situation got this worse? What the government was doing? and why the authorities did not learn from China?

Coronavirus Government at fault

In all these questions, one voice note by a Polish woman living in Italy, got viral which disclosed some horrible truth about the COV-19 virus.

Today, the American government and the government of many nations are trying to portray the virus in mild words. We understand they do not want to create a panic situation, but at the same time, we believe that telling people how to wash hands and keep the cleanliness (life goes on) is not enough.

Governments today need to react and we as Citizens need to react as much as the government.

We have to stop blaming the authorities for everything. Yes, they may be not perfect but not everything they do is incorrect.

The government can only take care of some things and they are doing most of them if not all.

We know healthcare is a huge concern in the US today. We are also worried about all the citizens who are not even tested yet.

But It is not like this that the US government has failed in all the aspects.

They have made the travel bans which is a very correct step in this situation.

In many countries schools, colleges, theaters are closed which is also required to do.

The government can not really impose all the restrictions at once as it hits the economy very badly.

Our role in this is not any less now. We all are part of it. We have to fight the virus by really isolating ourselves before any strict restrictions come from the government.

Our Observation

We still see children playing on the streets, youngsters going out, standing in groups, gyms are still open and full of people in many places.

If the government is not imposing strict rules, that does not mean we have no responsibility towards our and our loved one’s lives.

It is for all those people who are thinking that the virus will not spread in their nation and government will take care, etc, etc.

Please stop giving excuses to yourselves just to go for a drink or to meet a friend.

Our lives now are connected to thousands of other lives. If we are irresponsible, we may not only harm our family but also others.

What you can do to avoid what is happening in Italy?

Start taking a stand and ask your employer for work from home if you can.

If you do not have a laptop, ask your boss to issue you a laptop so that you can work from home. No matter you work in a call center or do office work on PC.

Almost everything can be done online, including meetings with clients. Be safe do not go out until you really have to.

Order grocery and other stuff online if you can. Do not buy groceries and other things in too much bulk.

It will create a huge shortage of food in the country and trust us, you will not want to have your house full of food when your Co-Citizens would be starving to death.

It is fine if you do shopping for a month as following all the precautions including staying at home for a month will reduce the cases drastically and China is the biggest example of that.

If you have some things to be done at the government offices, try to find out if it is possible to get them done online. Many government offices and services are going online each day as a reaction to the COV-19.

Help your elders placing orders for grocery online, help them paying bills over the internet.

Please do not let situations like Italy and China come to your nation.

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