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Best PSU for gaming PC in 2020 (Updated) | Power Supply buying guide

Best PSU for gaming PC

Cooler Master PSU

Are you building a gaming PC? Have you checked many articles and forums but still confused which is the best PSU? You have landed on the best PSU buying guide.

In this article, we will tell you some main and important factors to consider when buying a PSU / power supply for your computer build.

Let’s go step by step to make all the doubts clear about PSU:

Power required:

It totally depends on your build, how much power your computer will require.

If you are buying a gaming PC with an external GPU, you will need to start with at least 450 Watt.

This power is sufficient for light GPUs like GTX 1050 ti, If you are aiming at GTX 1060 / AMD RX 560 or above, then you should buy at least 500 Watt PSU, although the more the power the better.

For a GTX 2080 ti, 850W PSU will be more than enough. If you are still confused, please check out this PSU wattage calculator made possible by Outservission and Thermaltake which will give you an exact idea of how much power your PSU will require.

PSU Certifications:

Buying a certified PSU is one of the most important factors that you should never miss. Power supplies for computers start with, “80 PLUS” certification. It is often written as, “80 PLUS”.

What is 80 PLUS certification?

In simple words it certifies that your power supply has more than 80% power efficiency at 20%, 50% and 100% loads.

Now comes something additional in the 80 PLUS certifications. PSUs nowadays are not only 80 PLUS but even more efficient.

Several types of PSUs available today:

There are 6 types of PSUs available in the market right now.

  • 80 PLUS 80
  • PLUS bronze
  • 80 PLUS Silver
  • 80 PLUS Gold
  • 80 PLUS Platinum
  • 80 PLUS Titanium

What is the difference between 80 PLUS Bronze and Gold?

A Bronze certified PSU will waste 18% energy when at 100% load and a Gold-certified PSU will only waste 13% energy on the same load of 100%.

This means the higher the rating the better.

Why buy a Gold rated PSU over Bronze or Silver?

It is very simple. There are two factors you should think of.

  1. It will save you more electricity.
  2. You can buy a 450W over 500W power supply if you buy a Gold over Bronze.

To be more clear here you can see power wattage of a Gold and a Bronze rated PSU for example.

Best PSU 2019Corsair TX650M

Images above show Cooler Master 80 PLUS Bronze certified PSU and Corsair 80 PLUS Gold certified. As you can see both the power supplies have the same power but different wattage is given to each.

It is not too important to go for Gold over Bronze as buying a cheaper, Bronze certified 750W PSU will be better than buying a more expensive Gold certified 650W.

It totally depends on one’s budget but it is highly recommended to buy at least an 80 Plus Bronze certified PSU.

Important Tiers for PSU

All the PSUs come under some grade which depends on the quality of the components used in the PSU. Best will be to buy a PSU between tier 1-3 or a new class tier S.

Tier 4 can also be considered but only if you are on a tight budget. Please do not go further, the higher the number the worse the quality.

Here is the latest TIER LIST for all the PSUs available today.

Your Decision:

Of course, the decision is yours but you would like us to give you a final suggestion right?

  1. Please make sure to check out the power calculator to get to know how much power your system will need.
  2. Please go for at least 80 PLUS bronze certified PSU, the higher the better.
  3. Do not buy a Tier 5 power supplies until you are on a super low-budget. PSU is the most important part of your computer, if your PSU quality won’t be good, it might give up under high load which can harm your CPU and motherboard very badly. No one would like to buy a new motherboard or CPU for such a mistake.


If you are buying a PC for gaming and streaming, please ignore Tier 4 or higher numbers.

Consider buying tier 1-3 or, “S tier”. Consider buying 8GB RAM instead of 16GB if you are on a tight budget but do not compromise on the power supply.

There are many who try to save on power supply and buy a tier 5 or 6 models but later they are the ones holding their head and trying to save money for another year to build a new PC.

We hope you got the required information you came for.

Please share this article with your family and friends so that everyone can be benefited. It will also give us the motivation to write more such stuff for you.

Happy gaming 🙂

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