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Best Motherboard for Intel 9th GEN Processors | Which Motherboard for i5 9400f?

best motherboard for i5 9400f

best motherboard for 9th gen

Everyone planning to build a gaming PC is thinking to buy i5 9400f as it is the best budget CPU today. But what is the best motherboard for i5 9th GEN processors?

i5 9400f is a processor that you can get for dollar 150 or less and you can do gaming with streaming using a decent GPU.

Its a 6 cores 6 threads CPU which runs on the base frequency of 2.90 GHZ and the turbo boost frequency goes up to 4.0 GHz.

The speed and performance we get with this CPU will be insane in the price point of 150 dollars.

This CPU does not have an integrated GPU which is sad but the price is so less that we can easily get one dedicated graphics card as there are a lot of GPUs available in the same 150 dollars budget today that can make you play all the AAA titles along with the streaming.

Then where is the problem ?

The biggest problem is choosing a right motherboard for this build. Since this is a 9th gen CPU, we will either need a latest motherboard or a motherboard with updated bios.

This all is fine, if your motherboard is older model you can ask the retailer to upgrade the bios before he sends it to you.

Now if this is solved then the biggest issue is what? the biggest issue is the misconception is being created in the market today by the sellers and the retailers in order to sell their products.

People wanted to make it a gaming plus streaming build but they do not know that the motherboard they are buying may not be the correct one for their use.

We will know which is the best motherboard for this build and generally for any gaming build.

How to choose a best motherboard for your gaming PC?

To choose a motherboard for gaming and streaming, we first need to understand what are the most important things that your motherboard should have.

PCI-E 3.0

Almost all the motherboards today have PCI-E 3.0 slot but some are just gimmicks and we should be aware of that.

Whenever you are choosing a Intel CPU and you want to know which motherboard will be best for you, you just need to go to the intel site and choose your processor from the products option.

There you will see an option on the left called compatible products. After clicking on it you will be able to see all the compatible motherboards with your processor.

How to choose wisely?

There is always one thing you have to keep in mind, choose the chipset which has the latest version of PCI-E revision and Bus speed.

For example when we opened the website and checked the compatible motherboards for i5 9400f, we saw one of the chipset had older version of PCI-E and Bus speed. Please check in the image below.

Compatible motherboard for i5 9400f
motherboards for i5 9400f

So one of the chipsets called Intel® H310 Chipset is visibly having an older model of PCIE technology that is 2.0 instead of 3.0 and Bus speed of 5 GT/s DMI2 instead of 8 GT/s DMI3.

Such motherboards are not very good for gaming and streaming.

Why to not buy h310 motherboards?

To play games you need to have a high amount of data transfer between processor, ram, and GPU and DMI2 are not capable of that.

If Asus offers an h310 motherboard which has 1 PCI-E 3.0 slot of x16 pins (this is used for GPU) and one PCI-E 2.0 slot of x1 pin what will you do?

Most people won’t know that still we should not buy this motherboard if we want to use it for gaming.

All the PCI-E slots in your motherboard should support 3.0 revision else your processor or GPU will be bottlenecked.


To be clear in this case H310 is not our choice. There are many websites, sellers, retailers selling h310 chipsets because they are the cheapest and advertising them as PCI-E 3.0 chipsets but only after asking or checking the full specifications you will know that the motherboard is not fully PCI-E 3.0.

Make your choice wisely. We recommend buying a motherboard with 4 RAM slots, fully PCI-E 3.0 compatibility, and at least one M.2 slot for M.2 SSD.

Our Recommendations:

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MSI B360 Gaming Plus 
Gigabyte B360 Aorus

Best High-End Motherboards for 9th Gen CPU:

MSI Z390 A Pro
Asus Prime Z370:
GigaByte Z390 Aorus

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