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Best Gaming Monitor | What to check while buying a gaming monitor (2020 Updated)

monitor buying guide

Best monitor

Did you know that a monitor is one of the most important parts of your PC, especially when it comes to gaming and graphic designing?

Here are few important things to keep in mind when buying a monitor for gaming or any other purposes.

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Best monitor for gaming


These days games like PUBG, FORTNITE, CSGO are too much into demand and to be competitive you have to have a monitor with the lowest possible response time. The lower the latency of your action the better will be your performance in the game. Not only this but many other things like Refresh rate, resolution, etc. matters a lot for a gaming monitor.

Lets see some important things to keep in mind when you are buying a monitor:

Response Time:

In most of the monitors these days, the response time is 5ms on average and it is considered as a good response time. But we recommend you to go for even lower so that the game performance will be best possible if you are a competitive player. 5ms is perfectly fine and human cannot even perceive the difference between 5ms and 1ms but if you choose a monitor with 1ms and you are a very good player, this will help you a lot to win the game. A professional gamer generally have monitors with 2ms or 3ms and it works very well.

Refresh rate:

This is also one of the important thing that you have to take care of. Generally monitors of current generation has 60hz refresh rate which is sufficient enough for a console gamer but if you play on PC and you have a high end graphic card, we would recommend to buy a monitor with higher refresh rate. This is something that you may see as Frames per second ( FPS).

If your pc is very solid that gives you more than 100 fps or more and you have a 60hz monitor, There will be no use of it because your monitor will not let you experience more than 60 fps. So it is very important to buy a monitor with Refresh rate of 75 or even above 100 for almost everyone, because the technology is growing and soon more and more of us will have a better PC or console and Monitor is not something that we will change every two years.

Screen Size:

The Ideal size for a gaming monitor is 24-27 inch. Many people like a bigger screen and they buy 27″ or even bigger monitor, Its not wrong to do that if you are a casual gamer. But again if you are serious about gaming and you want to notice all the details and react on time, it is important to have a 24 inch monitor.

Suppose you are playing fortnite or PUBG on and you have to keep an eye on the map weather the red zone is near or not, or even if you want to keep an eye on your opponent’s footsteps in PUBG, having a smaller screen will give access of map to your eyes quicker than bigger screen. The bigger the screen will be, your eyes will be moving longer to find the specific details in the corner of the screen which impacts the gaming performance for sure. Most of the gamers use 24 inch gaming monitor for the same reason.


These days full hd monitors with 1920-1080p resolution are very common. Keep in mind if you want to buy a 4k monitor your console or PC should be able to provide you 4k gaming experience. 4k monitors are more expensive and it is really not necessary to buy one until you have a high end PC or you are planning to upgrade your computer.

Screen matrix:

Screen panel is also a very important part when you are looking for a gaming monitor. There are three types of screen panels, TN, VA, IPS.

TN and VA are made on LCD technology and IPS is made on LED technology. We would not confuse you in this category because the choice is wide and we are talking about gaming.

If you want to buy a gaming monitor focused on CS go type of games then your choice should be VA panel because not only it will have 1ms response time but the refresh rate will be 144hz.

You can also go for IPS or TN monitors as VA monitor with 144hz refresh rate will be much expensive and both IPS and TN panel will give you 144hz refresh rate in much lower price.

In few words, if you are on low budget then go for TN panel, if you want better picture quality and display then go for VA with 74hz or above refresh rate and 1-3ms response time and same for IPS panels, but just the difference is that IPS panels have a better viewing angle with a much better picture quality and you will pay much more price to buy an IPS monitor. Most of the gamer uses  TN display because it is known for best performance with decent picture quality.

Sockets & ports:

It is very important that your monitor have an HDMI port, a DVI port and a 3.5mm audio jack. These are the basics, if you get other ports along with these then buy it without thinking.


For a good and competitive gaming experience, you should buy a monitor with 24″ screen, 75hz or above Refresh rate, 3ms or lower response time and Full hd resolution or above.

We do not want to recommend you any specific monitor because there are hell many brands in competition out there but keep in mind, try to buy a balance between brand and price.

Do not go for the cheapest one with some unknown brand that may cause problems in case of customer service and repairs. You can buy Asus, Acer, Benq etc.

There are many other affordable brands in the market like AOC, iiyam etc which can also be a good option.

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Happy Gaming 🙂

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