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Best Deals, -80% on Hitman 2, -50% on 6 Months Xbox Game Pass Subscription, -60% on Elder Scrolls Online, And More

Steam weekend Deals

Welcome to Friday, The best weekend deals for games you can is nowhere else than here. Many games and subscription cards are on huge discounts including PS Plus yearly subscription.

Steam weekend Deals

Stay Safe Stay Home and Play at Home campaign is going on from almost all the gaming companies. This week was full of announcements by Gaming companies, especially for cloud gaming.

It started by PS Now, Sony announced Spider-Man and two other AAA games for PS Now, and everyone else followed. Soon xCloud announced 11 new countries are added for the service. At last, Stadia came up and announced the free Stadia pro trial for everyone.

We are going through terrible times, at least these companies are bringing some positivity by adding free services and giving really good discounts on games.

Here are all the deals we could find on the internet that you can avail of today.

  • -50% on Game Pass 6 Months Subscription

    Walmart is giving 3+3 months subscription for Game Pass Ultimate which also includes Xbox gold Subscription. Normally you pay $15 for this subscription type which makes it $45 for 3 months.

    We have no idea from where Walmart is coming up with this deal, but it is an awesome deal if you are looking at the upcoming games like Gears Tactics, Flight Simulator, and Halo Infinite.
  • Playstation Plus yearly membership for about $38

    This is another amazing offer if you are interested in it. Playstation Plus also adds two to four new games for its members that you can play on the PS4 console. Currently, Uncharted 4 and Dirt 2.0 are free for the April month on the PS Plus service.

    $38 is just nothing considering the duration you get it for along with the number of games you will get throughout the year.

Steam Deals and offers

Steam is dominating almost all the other services when it comes to providing discounts on the games. Since the lockdown took place, they have constant discounts on the portal and these discounts are for well established AAA titles. Here are some must-buy deals.

  • -80% Hitman 2
  • -75% Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Platinum Edition
  • -60% The Elder Scroll Online
  • -80% Ark: Survival Evolved
  • -50% No Man’s Sky
  • -35% Sekiro
  • -25% Planet Zoo
  • -70% Planet Coaster
  • -50% Resident Evil
  • -40% DayZ
  • -50% Gears 5
  • -75% Goat Simulator

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