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Best Cricket games for Android | Best Multiplayer Cricket Games | Real Cricket 19 and more

Best Cricket games

Best Cricket game

Here are some of the best available and upcoming online multiplayer cricket games that you can and you will enjoy the most.

Cricket World cup is about to begin and Cricket fans are ready to play some amazing cricket games. There are many cricket games in google play store but this is PUBG era.

Online multiplayer games are becoming an obvious option for every mobile gamer.

If any game can have a multiplayer mode and it does not have the its a heart break for everyone. Cricket game category is one of the biggest such category.

There are hell lot of games but most of them are not online multiplayer. Due to huge demand of users,  developers finally decided to develop online cricket games recently.

Many many games are under development and very few managed to make it to the play store to let us play online multiplayer mode.

Best Cricket games

Best Cricket game

Real Cricket 19

This is the best available online multiplayer cricket game for android and ios right now. The game is just perfect. if you have played latest PC cricket games then you will be able to comprehend with this game. The graphics are very good and most importantly the game allows you to play online with random players.

How to it works?

You will be signed in through google account automatically once you open the game. You just need to click accept and you will be brought to the game. Now you will see three options:

Quick match

Here you play against computer. You will need to choose your and your opponent computer’s team and then you will have an option to choose between pitch type, overs etc.

Initially you will be allowed to play only 10,20 or 50 over match as 5 and 2 over match will be locked until you reach 4th level.

The difficulty levels are very easy, easy, medium, hard and expert. Choose expert level only if you play the game at least few times or you will hate the game and delete it seeing the difficulty. Its really very hard to play on expert level.

Multi player

This is an online multiplayer mode. There are 3 modes in this section. Un-ranked mode, ranked mode and play with friends mode.


You can play either 2 or 5 overs in this mode. You just need to select the over type, select your team and you will be matched with a random player with some other or same team online.


To play ranked mode you need to make your profile. You will need to make your own team with your preferred name and choose players you want as per their skills.

There will be a list of all the players and you can choose how many bowlers, all rounders or batsmen you need for your team.

After making your own team you can enter the ranked mode and play online. everything else works the same, a player will be selected randomly online to play with you with his own selected team.’

Play with friends

This is where you can ask your friends to play your favorite game with you. Once you will click on the option, you will see your empty friend list and two options. One to join a room and another to share room id.

It goes like this, you need to either get room id of your friends and on the join room option paste their room id or share your room id with your friends and ask them to do as mentioned above.

One of the player needs to have room id of the other one to paste it in room id option and then you can play with your friend.

There is a big con in this game that it does not allow you to add random players as friend. In pubg and other online multiplayer games there is always a option to invite or add the player you just played with. On the other hand this game have one very big similarity with Pubg mobile.

You can talk to your opponent on voice chat and text chat while playing with him. This way you can ask the player his room id or give your room id to play another match with them.


Other Multiplayer Cricket games


Wcc Rivals- Realtime Cricket Multiplayer (its still in beta mode so you can play and provide your feedback to developer as lot of improvements are required in this game).

Worlds Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

World Cricket battle- Multiplayer 7 My Career

Smash Cricket

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

Gully Cricket- 2019

Chennai super kings battle of Chepauk 2

There are many other games but we included only games that have 4 above ratings on play store. These games are also good and have multi player mode but we liked Real Cricket 19 the most as its graphics, game-play, different control options, batting, bowling and fielding all the aspects are better than any other cricket game available today.

We are talking about balance of having everything good. The best thing is multiplayer option which have voice and text chat so you can communicate with the person you are playing and instruct or request for certain tips.

If you liked our article please share it with your friends and let them that there are many multiplayer cricket games so that they will not need to browse play store.

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