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Best Buy 3 Day Sale, Save Up to $300 on These Laptops And Gadgets

You want to buy a laptop, headphones for gaming or an Apple HomePod? save up to $300 on Best Buy 3 day sale. Best Buy is giving a $200 minimum discount on Macbook pro and more than $100 off on headphones and other gadgets. This is the golden opportunity to grab the deals.

Best Gadget Deals on Best Buy

Apple HomePod

This Apple HomePod is available for the lowest possible price. If you are still cannot decide on it, you might pay $100 more soon as this deal is only available for two more days.

Dr Dre headphone

Another product is DR. Dre headphones. These wireless headphones will not only be your best gaming companion but the best sound quality provided by Beats will make you feel using a premium product.

Dr Dre bluetooth headset

If you are looking to buy a branded Bluetooth headset and did not get a chance to grab the deal so far. This is the time. Make conversations while driving easy and safe by this Bluetooth headset.

Best LED Deals


The best in class LED money can buy. This 55 inches 4K smart TV is available for as low as $329. It is true 4K TV with 2160p resolution and you are going to enjoy the gaming sessions in your living room.

If you want a bigger one, you can go for TCL 65 inches 4K smart LED. The good thing is that this one comes HDR. Also, it is a Roku TV so you do not need to spend extra money on any set-top box.

HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Touch Screen

This one is a bit expensive but it is a premium device. This laptop beats Dell XPS and MacBook Pro when we talk about the quality and value for money. For those who wanted to buy a 4K OLED screen premium laptop with 1TB SSD and 16GB of RAM, here you have it. The best thing you have in this one is the ultra-fast 32GB Intel Optane memory.

It is packed with i7-10510U which is almost equivalent to the i5-9300H. The good thing is it has Nvidia mx250 which will let you play some decent esports titles at 1080p up to 50-60 FPS on low settings. You can also play AAA games like GTA V, Witcher 3, etc but at very low settings you will not get more than 40-50 FPS.

Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Touch-Screen

If you are looking for a budget premium machine. This one will not let you down. Look at the stunning design of this thing and the i5-10210U will work very much like the i7-10510U. You although do not get an Nvidia GPU in it but still Intel’s UHD integrated graphics should be enough if you are looking only for the esports titles. If you wish to play AAA games, you can always have your hands on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service- Geforce Now.

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