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Best Budget GPU For 1080p/60FPS Gaming on Medium/High Settings

Best Budget GPU

This list of best budget Graphics cards will let you play most of the latest titles at 1080p achieving 60 FPS on medium/high settings.


COVID-19 has not only trapped us all at homes but it also brought a huge financial crisis in the world. At present, it would be very hard for many to afford a decent gaming PC.

Hence, it becomes obvious that we have to stop thinking about building a new PC or giving it a big upgrade. However, if you have a PC with a quad-core processor, 8 GB RAM, and a minimum of 400W power supply, you can buy a cheap aftermarket GPU to get started with gaming.

Here are a few best budget graphic cards you can buy for a decent 1080 gaming experience. Please note, we suggest going for a used GPU only.

Products List

AMD Radeon RX 470/RX 480

This is a very decent and powerful graphics card that you can find in about than $70 to $80 on Aliexpress. This card is fully capable of playing most of the latest titles at 1080p with medium/high preset and achieve 50-60 FPS on average.

AMD RX 580

This card is capable of defeating Nvidia GTX 1060 in many titles and can be a great GPU for under $100 budget. Playing the latest titles at 1080p high settings and getting 60 FPS is normal, you will be able to achieve 90 Frames in many titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Witcher 3, etc. This card is just a beast and if you can manage spending $100, it’s worth every penny.

AMD Radeon R9 280x/380x/290/290x/390/390x

These cards are old models but if you manage to find one under $60/70, it will be worth spending that money on it. Starting from R9 280x to R9 390x the performance boost is very much visible. In our opinion R9 380x or R9 390x will be an ideal card if you manage to get it in between the mentioned price mark, both the cards are capable of playing most of the games at 1080p high settings leaving the around 50-60 FPS in most of the games. However, we recommend checking some tutorials to get the best performance with custom settings (Xbox One X settings).

Why no Nvidia cards?

We did not mention any Nvidia cards on the list because at the moment, Nvidia cards are best if you want to go for GTX 1060 or above, buying a GTX 960/970/980 will be expensive and will not bring a good value for your money compared to RX 470/580. The same goes for buying a GTX 750 ti/1050/1050 ti. These cards are still not as cheap as R9 380x/290x nor they perform any better than the AMD R9 cards.

Important Step to Follow Before Shopping From Aliexpress

If you decide to buy a GPU or any other component from Aliexpress, keep in mind to check the reviews of the product. Reading reviews is very important, do not only look at the ratings but do read the reviews.

Also, whenever you search for a product, make sure to sort it by maximum order.

Suppose you searched for RX 580, you will see the same GPU offered by many sellers, sorting it by maximum order it will show the sellers who sold the maximum pieces and they would have more reviews than other sellers.

This is the best way to choose the best and the most trustworthy seller on Aliexpress.

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