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A Mysterious AMD APU Suggests A Budget Xbox Series S Coming | PS5 Will be Destroyed by Microsoft ?

Xbox One S all digital

Microsoft announced its upcoming flagship gaming console- Xbox Series X at The Games Awards in December 2019. The trailer showcasing the next-gen console was very impressive and Microsoft announced that it will be the Companies most powerful next-gen gaming console. It was clear that it has all the flagship features.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X | Credits Microsoft/Xbox

Soon leaks started appearing on the internet and it was revealed that the gaming console will have custom third-gen AMD CPUs along with the Navi GPU, SSD, etc.

But yesterday rumored started to float on the internet about a mysterious AMD APU with super powerful performance. This leaked benchmarks of 3D mar11 and Time Spy for this unknown APU was analyzed and posted on Reddit.

It is an 8 cores 8 threads APU clocks at 4GHz base. However, its max boost is not mentioned correctly (3.7Ghz). 16GB of DDRX shared memory (12GB RAM and 4GB VRAM).

The specs look more than promising. However, the benchmarks will blow your mind. It is amazing that an APU can perform that well.

We are not sure about the integrated GPU specs yet but below is the Reddit post that will give you the full picture about the great performance of this APU.

Is This APU Made For Xbox Series S

If rumors are correct then it might be possible that we will find this APU in the budget next-gen console and if we follow the Xbox One S logic, it will be called Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X is already revealed in front of the world and PS5 is yet to be unveiled in the first week of February 2020.

According to the rumors, PS5 will cost $499 and Xbox Series X will cost $100 more than the PS5 as it is rumored to be a more powerful machine.

If Microsoft continues its way of marketing like it did with Xbox one S, there is no denying that we will see a cheaper version of Xbox Series X and its name can be- Xbox Series S following the S versions of budget consoles by Xbox.

If Xbox Series S will be launched it will most probably cost $100 cheaper than PS5. Microsoft’s Strategy is to keep on one better and more expensive machine than the PS5 and one cheaper than PS5 but competitive enough to bring consumers towards it.

Microsoft Recent Updates on Xbox Series X and Series S

In recent reports, Microsoft said that they care about FPS more than the picture resolution.

This clearly signs that if Xbox Series S will come, it might not have that 8K resolution but we will surely see a boost in frame rates with decent 4K resolution.

If Xbox Series S will be announced along with the Series X, Microsoft may steal a lot of customers from Sony. Last year, Microsoft also came up with its super affordable all-digital Xbox One S which boosted Xbox sales like anything.

Students who could not afford a gaming PC nor PS4 jumped on the deal and we are sure the same will happen with Xbox Series S if they follow the same formula.

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