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A Co-op Shooter is Free to Play on Steam Along With One Free To Keep Indie Title

Killing Floor 2

Steam is silently giving away a game that many of you would like to play. Not only this, but one free to play CO-OP shooter is also free to play for the next 4 days on steam.

Here are both the game mentioned below.

Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2

This is a 3D game adventure where Kao the Kangaroo runs, jumps collects jewels, and fights a lot of enemies. This 3D version of the game will refresh your old memories of Kao the Kangaroo platform.

Killing Floor 2

This is a 6 player CO-OP shooter game where you have to kill the zombies. Not only the CO-OP but this game now also has a 12 player online versus mode. This game is free to play on Steam for the next 5 days, if you like the title, you can buy it for a 67% off on Steam.

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